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Fractures in Time

Fractures In Time presents a series of photographic collage installations exploring themes of loss, confusion, frustration and isolation. As well as questioning the effect of coming to terms with one’s identity can have.


After losing the man who gave me my first camera, I felt lost photographically. It only felt right to look back and curate a retrospective to reflect on what my Grandad enabled me to create.


Navigating coming to terms with my ‘queerness’ while dealing with isolation through an unprecedented time in history inherently creates fractures in how one feels. Recently being able to free myself from the fears of my identity and finding the people who accept me while being able to open up to the people already around me was a massive release. This allowed me to reflect on where I’d been in recent periods of my life and create these collages in response to those feelings.


Using fragmented slithers of images, layering them up and hiding parts behind creates a dynamic and visually striking collage. With juxtapositions that form a narrative surrounding these feelings of being overwhelmed with fear and insecurity about the one thing you cannot change, yourself. Knowing that once you open yourself up, make yourself vulnerable you can never go back to what once was.

Fractures in time - fragments of images layered and overlapping.
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