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Open Void 2020

Open Void was an online exhibition that ran in early November 2020. It showcased the work of myself and some of my friends.

The project I created for 'Open Void' explores themes of absentmindedness in the modern world and how we never really take in our surroundings when were thinking of the future.

A set of 8 abstract photographs I captured along my regular walk to and from university titled with somewhat meaningless thoughts that distract us from the present.

How often do you stop to take in what's around you when you’ve got somewhere to go? You spend too much time focusing on the day ahead, where you're going or what's going to happen than the here and now.

Try and unlock a regular journey you take, in your mind, I bet its harder than you initially thought to recall the more specific details of that journey.

Maybe next time try to take in more of what's around you rather than focusing on what's coming. Change those abstract memories to a more clear picture. Take time to not rush, the clock is already doing that for you.

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